Metalic taste zithromax

User Reviews for Zithromax. The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or . I took a full course of the 250mg 5 day pack with no ill effects except for a metallic taste . Metallic Taste; Zithromax FDA Monograph; Article reviewed by Mia Paul Last updated on: Mar 30, 2011

I have had a metallic taste and dry mouth for years. I've had it checked out and no cause . Zithromax - Biaxin

Metalic taste zithromax

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And don't push yourself doing tasks when you are that sick. It is a mistake. One side effect of Zithromax Metalic taste zithromax is a "metalic taste". This is normal and temporary.

Medications That Cause A Metallic Taste In The Mouth. Along. Can zithromax cause a bad taste in mouth. with their desired actions, medications Can zithromax cause a bad taste in mouth .

. buy clonazepam 2mg online[/url] Lorazepam Side Effects Confusion Cialis Side Effects No Prescription Xanax Sleep Aid Pharmacist Zithromax Metallic Taste [url=http://www.archive .

In regard to the metallic taste which may be present with a bacterial infection, the tongue . (didn't bother doing a culture!) and gave me Zithromax - 5day perscription.

Consumer ratings reports for ZITHROMAX. Includes patient rankings on scale of 1-5 . aches; nausea, diarrhea & no appetite Metalic taste zithromax after starting my 5-day regimen; nasty metallic taste .

If the Clindomyacin bothers you too much, ask your doctor if Zithromax can be taken . when will the metallic taste go away? i'm very annoyed now.. its been 4 days and its has .

Azithromycin and terrible metallic taste in mouth? Moderators: Maz, Cheryl F, lynnie_sydney . diag. 1998
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